Anjana – Senior Staff Nurse – Care of the Elderly

Jul 9th, 2018

– Anjana felt it was time for a change – 

Anjana has worked at University Hospitals Bristol since 2009, but she hasn’t always worked in Care of the Elderly: “I used to work in medical units: three years in Cardiology, then the same in Haematology. But I lost touch with it. I wanted a change and there was a position in Care of the Elderly going. I thought I’d give it a go!”

Joining the Care of the Elderly unit, Anjana adjusted to the difference in pace and quickly fell in love: “In the medical units the turnover is quick and interaction is brief: patients come in, they have the procedure and then they’re done. In Care of the Elderly, it’s a long-term stay, anywhere from a few days up to three months. We really get to fall in love with the patients and their families.”

Though emotional, the job is also rewarding: “It’s definitely one of the most challenging specialities, emotionally, physically and mentally. If you deal with the dementia patients for example, they might not recognise you from day-to-day. You could have spent hours with them, but tomorrow they won’t know you. It’s emotional, but once you come to see things from their perspective, you gain a passion for the job that doesn’t leave you.”

Anjana is full of fond memories, but the most rewarding times are those when she’s able to support a more challenging patient in turning a corner: “We have this one patient who was non-stop when he came in. He used to get aggressive, try to hit us with the Zimmer frame – all of it! Now, that same gentleman, we’d all love to take him home! Medicines have got him so settled, he’s a totally different person.”

There’s so much to learn being a part of such a progressive Trust, says Anjana: “This is a university hospital, there’s so much experience under this roof. People from all over England come here for our procedures, or to learn our techniques. I’ve learnt such a lot in each of my roles. I’m always being pushed to learn new things – you don’t ever feel like you’re lagging behind.”

Anjana has found the speciality she’s most passionate about. “These people have so much to share. It’s not the easiest of jobs but it’s rewarding in the end. You go home and you feel like, okay, I have actually made somebody happy today.”

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