Belinda Kerr – Senior Staff Nurse

Jul 7th, 2017

– Belinda’s dream role in T&O – 

After nursing for 17 years, Belinda couldn’t believe her luck when she spotted a job in Trauma and Orthopaedics within our Trust – an area that for her, was the ultimate speciality. It meant moving to Bristol from Wales, but as she says: “It looked like a really nice place to live, so I thought, why not?” That was four years ago.

Belinda is fascinated by broken bones and how they heal, so this is pretty much her perfect job. She says: “It’s so interesting to see a patient come in with their injury, watch them go through an operation, have physiotherapy and then walk out the door.” As she says, to be a part of that journey and make the whole process easier can be challenging, but it’s thoroughly rewarding.

Technology plays a big part in the department and modern techniques are being used, not only in the operating theatre, but also on the wards. Where once everything was written up on white boards, iPad technology is now used to keep everyone in the loop. It’s made a big difference, says Belinda: “This hospital is ground-breaking in its use of new technology and it means communication is better, and we can get things done quicker. Management are actively involved all the time, and that’s really positive and encouraging.”

Working in T&O is all about teamwork believes Belinda: “It’s a very busy department so we need to work well together – then the shift goes smoothly and it’s easier for everyone. You also need to be hardworking, kind, helpful and most of all, be able to smile!”

Building a rapport with patients is something that Belinda really enjoys, especially with the elderly, who she says like to have a laugh: “They may be a bit grumpy if they’re in pain, and that’s natural, but they’re grateful for what we do and it’s nice to see that. When the day is over, you just feel like everything’s worthwhile.”

Progression is really important and Belinda has already moved up from a Band 5 to a Band 6 since working at UH Bristol. She feels the Trust has constantly supported her, and says: “There’s a lot of room for learning and progression and lots of specialities within the hospital. If you want to be a specialist or progress up the bands, this is one of the best places to be.”

And is Belinda glad she moved to Bristol? “Without a doubt”, she says. “It’s colourful, multi-cultural, with fantastic food and drink, and plenty of things to see and do. It’s a really great place to live and work.”

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