Gemma Crow – Practice Educator Facilitator

Jul 14th, 2017

– Gemma’s here for you –

Gemma’s been at UH Bristol for over a decade, spending seven of those years working in Trauma and Orthopaedics. Just over a year ago, she took on this new role, specifically to support newly qualified nurses and new starters within our department.

Doing a good job is all about gaining confidence and that’s something Gemma’s dedicated to helping everyone with. She says: “When new people come to the Trust and join us in T&O, I follow them out into clinical practice and support them with any training they need, whether that’s using medical devices, or just understanding our policies and procedures better.”

Gemma’s developed the Ward Survival Guide for our new recruits – a training programme for small groups, created around feedback from newly qualified nurses, and focussed on the support they said they needed. As Gemma says: “I know it can be very stressful starting out, but I can work with people for as long as they want. I’ll do a couple of shifts with them, but if they need more they just have to say. I’ll always be here.”

Positive feedback makes it all worthwhile and Gemma is always getting emails from nurses saying how much her support has helped them. She says, “We’ve had new starters who are struggling to canulate patients. I can bring over the equipment, let them have a go and really build up their confidence. That’s really nice.”

“T&O has a different feel to many departments”, says Gemma. “There’s always been a perception that it’s heavy work, but because everyone pulls together as a team, it’s really not like that. It’s a very supportive place to work. And what’s really great, is the way you can spend time with your patients and build up a rapport with them, being a part of their journey from start to finish. That’s why I love it.”

“The standards are very high at this Trust”, remarks Gemma and that’s something she’s obviously really proud of – and the fact that the CQC recognised that in their recent report. “I’ve been offered jobs at other hospitals but I really feel like my loyalties are here. And more than anything, everyone is just so friendly!”




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